Trying to look my best for girls. Tips?

I usually just wear a t-shirt and jeans and I always keep my face shaved and my teeth brused, etc. What else can a guy do to stand out to girls? I was thinking of wearing plaid button up collard shirts. These kind of seem to look nice and I don't notice many guys who wear them. Not sure if girls like them. Any thoughts? I'm 23 if that helps:) Thanks.


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  • I personally like guys who exult their character through their appearance, I think its a lot more intriguing when you are creative about your presentation

    I know a lot of women who are turned off by guys who appear too uniformed and generic (clean shaven, shirts and jeans), but then again I know many who are turned on by this...

    It's all a matter of personal choice

    But I don't think you can go wrong wearing whatever you feel best expresses your personality externally, and originality is always good

    (But I do notice a lot of guys wearing plaid shirts :S)

  • WEAR GOOD SMELLING COLOGNE! such a turn on


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