Guys, what are your first thoughts when seeing an attractive girl?

what are your first thoughts when seeing an attractive girl

if perverted.. how long will it take you to finally give the girl a shot at a relationship with you? and when I say relationship I'm excluding I'm only here til I can bang. get me?


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  • (Part 3 of a multi-part answer, this is a long answer, but it gets asked frequently enough that I think it is worth expounding on, the text limit isn't enough)

    Okay, I'm starting to come out of a mini-haze. So, you know she's a beauty, what are you going to do about it?

    (Once she sits down, she pulls out a large paperback of...what the experiments?! Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to read novels on the train?!)

    Ha ha, this girl is a complete and utter nerd. What a dork! She's a geekess! I'm laughing hard internally now. Okay, she's no addicted to Cosmo so she can't be all bad right? Alright man, it is now or never. She might be getting off at the next stop.

    (I lean towards her and pretend that I don't know my way around the Chicago train system. which is somewhat true)

    She has one hand in her hair and the other holding her book open. I happened to have a mini-map that I was fumbling around with that shows the various stations along the route. I asked her what is the best way to get to Union Station, where I would take the Metra to my house out in the suburbs. I already knew the answer, but I was testing to see if she is the helpful type or not.

    (The moment of truth arrives. She turns and faces me. A smile. Oooooh. Keep it together now. I'm a fairly confident guy and she just made my day. Ah butterflies!)

    My name is **** I tell her. We'll call her Anna. Anna proceeds to give me extremely detailed directions to get the station and points it out on the map I'm holding. I thank her warmly. She was smiling while she talked. Ha ha, a beautiful girl that IS friendly. This lady batting two for two!

    For small talk I tell her I moved out to Chicago from California in July of last year, but haven't had much of a chance to see the city. I then ask her where she likes to visit when she gets the free time. She starts to tell me a couple of her favorite places to eat and then my heart sinks...

    ...she had just shifted her left hand which was still in her hair this entire time and brings it down to her lap, resting it upon her book.




    (I'm not one for self-pity, but this is just more than I can take.)

    I muster up a massive amount of courage and thank her for her help. Wow, I feel like a deflated balloon. Well, at least it was nice meeting a beautiful girl that didn't seem to let it get to her head. Whomever he is, he better treat her like gold. Better luck next time, eh? I go home without a phone number, but she's not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

    This is a true story. I'll see a girl this striking fairly often in the city, but few have the personality or demeanor that makes me want to approach. I've thought of Anna several times during the week. She is the ultra-rare beauty that carries herself with class and warmth.

    Ah Anna, if only you had a twin.

    (end part 3)

    • Wow, +1 for detail and effort, my memories are nowhere near that vivid. :(

    • I think it has to do with the fact that I enjoy an entire woman's body from head to toe if I find her attractive. Some guys will just focus on her face, legs, or whatever particular area is their fancy. I have a mental catalog of beautiful women I've seen going back many years. A beautiful girl is an art form of sorts, it something that you admire and want to recall, as it merely thinking about it is enjoyable.

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  • (Part 2 of a multi-part answer, this is a long answer, but it gets asked frequently enough that I think it is worth expounding on, the text limit isn't enough)

    (Looking down at her neck, shoulders and bust next)

    What an elegant neck and shoulders. Her neck is a bit longer than average and she accented it nicely by wearing those longer earrings. Wow, she has great posture. Her shoulders and head are back, her chest is out. She is standing up straight, but her posture is relaxed. She doesn't seem tense. Her frame is petite, and her shoulders are a bit narrower than normal. They are somewhat hidden by her long hair.

    She's wearing a plain black button-up blouse with two thin strips of frills running from around the neckline down toward her navel. The cut is conservative and her breasts are fully covered. Nice, she's showing some class. She's probably coming home from work. Her bust, hmmm, somewhere between a large B and a small C?

    (moving toward her arms and waist)

    The sleeves on her blouse are cut at the elbow. Her arms are very pale, but not quite a porcilen shade. She doesn't seem to get much sunlight. (Laugh to myself) That's a good thing, she'd burn up easily. If she's like most of us, she's working downtown in some Chicago office park. There's not a whole lot of sunshine in those buildings.

    Her arms at her side. Her stance is open. She's not crossing her arms over her chest! Why do girls do that? It makes them look so angry and bent out of shape! Her body language is very approachable. I can sense this. This is a good thing.

    (She has been on the train for only a short while when she notices an empty seat nearby. Till this point, she's been standing about ten feet away from me. She walks right past me and sits down about two seats to my left.)

    (I stole a look at the following.)

    She's wearing a very plain black skirt that comes down about four inches below the kneecap. Her waist is about average. She's not fat, but nor is she slim. Her hips are narrower than most and match her overall petite bone strcture. Her legs like her arms, are very pale and slightly toned. This girl works out, but could hardly be called muscular.

    Her legs are about what you'd expect in terms of length for a girl her height. She stands exactly 5"5". Don't ask me how I know this, I'm darn near perfect at guessing a girl's height. My chin would definitely clear the top of her head, her eyes are about at my mid-chest level with the 3" heels she's wearing. (Mind drifting off...Is she a cuddlebug/hugsy type like me?) This girl is short, she's only 5'2" without shoes. I'm a full foot taller than she is. Her black heels are closed toe and appropriate for a formal office setting. They are quite forgettable.

    (She sits down)

    Wow, that was a lot to process. What a looker! She's so beautiful to look at, it is like a pleasant chocolate truffle in your mouth---you just want to savor it slowly.

    (end of part 2)

  • (Part 1 of a multi-part answer, this is a long answer, but it gets asked frequently enough that I think it is worth expounding on, the text limit isn't enough)

    Hmm, I'll try to describe my thought process. This is assuming I've seen a girl that I find not just good looking, but more of a knockout looker. You've been warned, proceed at your own interest and risk. :)

    (Full disclosure, this is re-counting a girl I saw a week ago while on the riding the train. It took me about 20 seconds to take in all of the following and process it. I would say she was about 22 or 23 years old. Seven days may have passed, but I can perfectly reconstruct her visually and will do so shortly.

    Wow. Did I just see that? What a rare creature!

    (It literally only takes a fraction of a second to be physically attracted to her. I'm not quite sure why, but a low-level instinct is telling me that I am in close proximity to a very attractive girl. You could say I am aware of her presence. After seeing her, I couldn't block her out even if I closed my eyes. I have a mental image of what she looks and my brain tells me she's beautiful. Once again, there's no way to block her out. She is there and I can feel it.

    (At this point, I'll try to take her all in from head to toe and figure out why she appears to beautiful. I start with a girl's face and hair.)

    This girl is truly amazing. Her eyes are large and inviting.

    (By now I am aware I'm holding a long-term gaze. I'm a fairly bold guy, so I honestly don't care if she catches me looking her straight on.)

    She has a fantastic shade of blue that looks like two glistening gems set on her face. She has no circles under those gems, so she must get a lot of sleep. Nice natural lashes, none of that gaudy extender or eyeliner nonsense. Her eyes stand out magnificently without any distraction, just the way it should be.

    (From her eyes, I take a visual "walk" across her face.)

    Interesting cheekbones. They have a sense of balance which frames her face perfectly.

    What a cute nose, it flows right into her lips without sticking out too much.

    Ah, her lips. Soft, small and pink.. Thank God this girl wears only a mild gloss or natural shade of lipstick. No neon pink or burnt plum for her! Those lips are totally kissable.

    Nice jaw line, it appears to be balanced well with the cheekbones, there's a certain sense of symmetry.

    Her ears, like her lips, are small and unmistakeably that of a girl's. They are set flush with her skull and do not protrude.

    Her hair is a very dark brown, a rare combination with blue eyes. Long hair, a woman's glory! A full six inches below her shoulder, that's a lot of hair. Nice. Her strands are very wavy and full. It is her natural color and shows no signs of being dyed. I'd love to run my hands through it. I wonder what it smells like.

    (end part 1)

    • Damn and youve only seen her once??

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    • It also doesn't hurt that the story towards the end of part 3 was hard to forget. I won't spoil anything in case you'd like to read it all. A lot of girls I never even have the conversation with, so the memory is not nearly so vivid. Because of her looks, combined with the story, it made her VERY memorable.

    • It was just one of those stories where you go, man, what just happened? It was almost like something out of a movie or book. Looking back, it just seems so surreal.

  • If the girl is physically attractive we mostly go "damn she looks beautiful". At least I do... Unless she's over doing the cleavage or whatever, then I think "Damn she's sexy but is dressed like a slut".

    Humans are animals therefore we have natural instincts, we will always be physically attracted to women. I will say this, there are men out there who will date girls only for sex but unlike me I don't do that because I still have some shred of respect towards women.

    I'm also shy and don't ask out right away, I might just clue in here and there for a while.

  • When I first see a girl, the first thing is I notice everything about her from her hair to her eyes to her clothes to her body. I am thinking to myself if I should approach her and talk to her. You can only know about the relationship part after having a conversation by finding out about them or how their personality is. Because I do not believe anybody can have a good relationship if the girl has a bad personality no matter how attractive.

  • My first thoughts--I wonder if her self esteem is derived from the attention she receives from other guys.

    When I talk to her, I get some indication whether this is the case. If it is, I wouldn't be interested. To give a shot at a relationship, I'd have to find her attractive with my eyes closed and have bonded with her. As far as looks go, looks definitely matter. However, they're like a check mark. If she's pretty enough, then the box is checked and I look for other things.

  • relationship material?

    if not

    f***able, not f***able?

    am I right, guys?

    i mean at least that's what I think


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  • im curious in the answers to this. I'm thinking they will be along the lines of t&a

    • Oh come on now, give us a little more credit than that. Yes, we like your fun parts, but we also have to live with your personality! If you get a chance, try reading all of what I typed above. You'll see it is more than just looks that keeps a mature man interested. A player or womanizer, that's another story.

    • The question is asking what the first thoughts are, when seeing an attractive woman. if I were a guy id be like d@aamn nice a$$ and then I would decide if she was cool or not. haha I do that with guys I know. but you do have a point

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