Guys honestly what do you like girls to look like??

i mean some magazines are like natural and modest

while others are like made up and slutty and some are like in between AND I don't think magazines have a clue what they're talking what types of clothes, amount of make up, and hair style do you like on girls?

SOOO thank you so much! these are actually helpful and make sense! thank u!


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  • There is no single perfect magical (static) button which you can press to turn on all guys, much less one.

    What you need to do is figure out what type of guy YOU are looking for and then work primarily on attracting that type of guy. You also can't just say--guy who treats you right, guy who's there for you, guy who buys you stuff. Any guy can do that; you need to be more specific with personality traits.


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  • Most of those magazines are targeted toward women not men oddly enough. To get a man to read a mag more than half the time its technology (cars, tools, etc), though the other half of time it is women. I can't speak for all men so I will give you my tastes if that will help.

    Clothes are nearly irrelevant, I don't understand or care about this or that style. If it is apparent that you are feminine in nature its all good. Make up, For me go light. As a chemist all that gunk seems a waste and probably harms your skin. Though make up can make skin seem clearer and healthier as well as balance asymmetries (we all have them) in the face, but I don't want to think make up when I look at a lady. Hair style; short, long, not a problem. I tend to like the wild look, when women I know have hair that is too big or tawny due to weather or whatnot I have learned not to compliment it. I may like it but they hate it so I should just shut up unless I want to anger them.

    Every guy is different but generally we are less detail orientated. Specific styles brands and cuts we don't have or want a clue. If you have a specific guy in mind watch his eyes, who does he glance at and for how long when he is not otherwise engaged, what do they have in common. Sorry if that does not really answer your question but its all I have.

    • I disagree with physical looks not giving insight to personality.

      Shorter hair is a rough correlator to capacity of directness/agression. Depending on context, dark make-up and black nails can be the same. Fashion style, piercings, tattoos can all correlate with personality as well.

      They are all clues just as body language, posture, gestures, and speaking patterns are. Different personality types couple in varying compatibility.

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    • Consider of whom we are considering the perspective of attraction--men observing women. In terms of data analysis, the opinions of women about women are just noise when we're interested in how men feel about women.

      Also keep in mind that women are often deceptively cooperative in packs, like a school of fish. The school is "safe" not because each fish can out swim predators, but that they can out compete certain extreme fish in the pack.

    • What I am saying is that "slut" does not mean sexual promiscuity as much as it means "woman with low attractive power." Sex appeal is perhaps a woman's greatest attractive tool. The women see those red nails as an unfair tool. The women are the peacocks whom scream foul play at synthetic plumes that are brighter and longer.

  • Girls can dress any way they want and guys will like them. But if you want to find a respectable man, dress properly. Reduce the cleavage, maybe get some looser pants, we don't care about your clothe sizes.

    In my personal opinion I like girls no matter what they wear. I try to avoid girls who wear lots of cleavage but it's a natural thing for me to be attracted to. Girls can wear a normal t-shirt, normal loose jeans and with no make-up and I will probably like them. But I don't mean to be shallow or cold but yes make-up sometimes makes girls look better.

  • I prefer girls to dress with class (no slutty outfits, boobs hanging out, ultra low cut skirts, etc.), very little makeup (just a dab or two without too many wild colors) and long hair with your natural color in any particular style is what I like, hands down.

  • Dress the way that you want and be natural and unique to the way you are. You should wear the clothes that make you look the best and that you feel make you look the best and the same thing with hair and makeup. Makeup is good but should not be too little or too much. I prefer hair down and long hair.


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  • wow, instead of caring so much what guys like, wear what you like! Disagree with me all you like but you must be very insecure if you need to dress for guys...

    • Im not honestly I just wanted to know...... I'm not gonna change the way I dress or anything I just want to see how guys actually feel and that magazines give crappy advice....and also that guys don't care tht much about clothes and style:)

    • Lol good good, I just have seen so many girls change for guys and it never works. But if it was just curiosity then that's ok :)