What is the best way to tell if you are actually into someone?

What is the best, sure fire guarantee way to tell if you are into somebody? Not just attracted to their looks, or love their personality but in a friendly way. That actual full, looks and being and all the rest package. What is the best way to tell if you are into someone?

Is it the butterflies you feel when you're around them?

The way you feel addicted almost to being around them?

The way you can't stop smiling around them?

And how long do you think you need to 'see' before you can honestly know if you are or aren't into a certain someone at that time?


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  • They make you feel like you want.to be a better person, you bring out the best in each other,you miss each others company when you can't get together,you would go above and beyond for them and they would do the same for you..

    • I love that "they make you want to be a better person". That is lovely :)

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  • when you are constantly thinking about them, when you are near them you look over to see if he notices you, you get nervous when you talk to them.. I love the quote "if you want to know where your heart is look to where your mind goes when it wanders"

    as of for how lon it takes..i think be around them see if your beliefs are the same or his behavior does not repulse you, then definitely a kiss, if that doesn't feel good then its definitely over for me (which is quite harsh, but I think that's where I need a 'physical connection') and then of course whether there is an emotional connection!

  • There are loads of ways to tell

    For me the best would be,spend time away from then and see if I miss then and in what circumstances I miss them in.

  • I think about that person all the time even when I'm asleep and suddenly wake up, then I can't go back to sleep because I start to dream about being with that person. I miss him even when we just saw each other yesterday. The worse though is you feel heartbroken even though you're not actually with that person... You have such an awesome connection or chemistry with him but you're not together (yet) so it feels like your heart is breaking when you think of him. Then later on you'd be smiling or laughing by yourself thinking of something funny you both talked about. It's all crazy signs of being into someone so bad. And yes, I'm addicted to being around him, meeting him, talking to him... It's taken me more than a year to realize I'm really into this guy but I'm still unsure whether he is THE ONE for some complicated reasons, which brings me back to the heartbroken part. What the other person said is right too, he must bring out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person.