Girls, how can a guy stop looking needy to you?

Let's say somehow you have labeled a guy needy, what actions or behavior s could make you change your mind about him as a needy guy?

I ment when you are not yet in a relationship with her.


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  • It would depend on what he did to appear needy. Some of the ways a guy can appears needy is:

    (Note all of this is extreme behavior. A few times of any of this behavior is okay or can be looked past)

    Needing me to reaffirm how much I am in to him. I'm not talking about once or twice but 3+ times it seems like you have a confidence issue. Also constantly telling me how much he likes me. A couple of times is great and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but too much just kind of kills it. Also needing constant encouragement

    Texting me constantly asking me what are you doing?, who are you with?, or any other questions that don't really need to be asked or extremely repetitive. Any kind of repetitive contact or texting me multiple times when I haven't had the chance to text back yet

    Literally following me around all of the time (I have had this happen to me), especially when I'm busy and trying to get my attention. I don't want to feel like I'm there to entertain you or that am your whole life. You need to have things outside of our relationship that fill you up and make you happy. I want to spend time with you but it needs to be stimulating and fun and not being together because you are supposed to. Sometimes people just need space. Over staying his welcome

    Whining. Any kind. Also constantly talking about problems. Sometimes you have to, but there is a point where its just too much.

    Complaining about how much I call or text you. Basically any sentence that starts with "you should of..." Or "why didn't you...?". That makes the person feel blamed and defensive

    Tries to move the relationship to the next level. I don't know if I want to be your girlfriend after the first date or even the second. Also makes long-term future plans prematurely (in the first weeks of dating)

    Agrees with everything I say and doesn't have his own opinion/ to eager to please

    Check out link

    How he could not appear needy:

    Acts confident

    Has a life outside "us"

    Takes charge and has direction

    Doesn't call more than once daily. If calls or texts are more than once daily then there should be a purpose

    Does not constantly ask who I'm with or try to check up on me

    Doesn't rush the relationship

    Gives me space

    Pretty much limits or eliminates any of the behaviors listed above

    Hope this helps!

    • Ouch, I don't do all those but some are really an eye openning, I guess there is no escape, if the guy really likes the girl he will show some of those. If the guy doesn't like the girl at all, then he can have sex with her, funyy how the world works.

    • Like I said in my note what I'm talking about is extremes of this behavior. It's okay to show some of it and still be liked and even loved by the girl. What one girl finds needy another will find perfectly acceptable.Oh and a correction when I said move the relationship to the next level I meant to add too quick.

    • Well, about the moving too fast is true and is not at the same time, because I had bang many girls the first night when I was not needy, and when I was needy I had not, but when I was needy I most likely won't even have the balls to try, even if I was been needy with girl not as attractive as others before.

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  • give her space


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