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Tomorrow night I have a date with a girl I want to get to know. I’m cooking dinner and then we’re going to hit a show – Stomp. I have all the basics covered. Tickets, roommates are giving up the apartment, dinner I’m cooking one of my specialties, time frames is worked out. Girls, what are you looking for or evaluating in a guy while on a date? What is a good way to close the night?


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  • I evaluate how well we get along together. Is he funny? Can he be serious? How is our conversation flow going? Would I like to date him again?

    A good way to close the night is is let her know if you (honestly) enjoyed yourself or not and suggest another outing.

  • how he treats me/ if he's trying. if I can see that you're trying its ok if you screw up the conversation :) making jokes is always good. make her feel special.

    as for closing the night, if it doesn't seem obvious that she's ready to kiss you, don't try to. even if she did want to, but you just weren't sure, you'll leave her wanting more and she'll be more clear next time.


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