How can I create avatars that look like me ?

Hi.. I wanna create cartoons that look like me.. you put them on profile pics and stuff ... like when you have a Yahoo account you can create someone like look like you..preferably something that is moving ..( but not necessarily)

I mean an internet tool


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  • Not sure if you like the style my avatar has, but I made the character using BannedStory.

    It comes out as a plain pixelated full body character from a game so I took the PNG and created a gradient in the background, squared the dimensions, and used the unsharp mask to make it less pixly and fuzzy upon upload.


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  • Use the pen tool to outline your face with black lines. Then fill in with colors or gradients of color that are similar to your skin tone, hair color, teeth, shirt, etc. If you have no drawing skills you can still manage something along those lines.

    • hi.. I want like a computer tool :)

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    • Once you understand the pen tool you can pretty much trace any image the same way and then cartoon it if you will. link