Ideal man's wardrobe?

i'm in my early 20's. I want to dress like a man who is 29. basically, mature and sophisticated. but young and masculine too.

here's what I have in mind for an ideal wardrobe:


10 solid color T-shirts, 6 long-sleeve shirts, 5 quality polo shirts, 5 knitted sweaters

8 white dress shirts, 8 short-sleeve button downs, 8 casual long sleeve buttondowns,

and 8 work-safe long-sleeve buttondowns


8 Dress pants, 8 Jeans (2 dark blue, 2 black, 2 gray, 2 stonewash)

4 Khakis/Chinos, 4 slacks, 4 Cargo/twill pants, and a good pair of running shorts


2 Leather Jacket, 2 Winter Coat, 4 Windbreaker

I really like the B3 Bomber coat (and other jackets I like to collect)

8 Blazers (2 gray, 2 blue, 2 black, green and brown)


2 athletic shoes, 2 winter boots, 4 dress shoes, 2 casual leather

2 smart-casual leather (for clubbing and nice restaurants)


sunglasses (rayban predator), hats (unshankas and kangols), leather gloves

variety of ties, a few belts, fragrance (Creed Imperial) and a cashmere scarf

What do you think?

To Kesher:

1. as for the sunglasses, predators are for casual. I would get something with a thinner frame and better lens for dressier occasions.

2. that's what I meant with winter coats - one ski coat, one wool coat

3. now that you mention it, different color work shirts are a good idea. but I will need a few white dress shirts for more formal occasions

4. I do wear jeans a lot, so 8 isn't excessive. it's quality that matters, though. good quality jeans can be worn during nights out.
To Kesher:

5. As for the shoes, the difference depends on the quality of leather. Dress shoes are for formal occasions and for work. Smart-leather shoes are for clubs/restaurants. And leather shoes that are more casual than that, are for day to day wear.

6. the word casual is so relative. a buttondown, khakis, leather shoes and a sports coat is casual compared to formal dress code and work dress code. but it's well above what 80% of men in the US wear day to day.


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  • You need to tell us what your lifestyle is. School? Work? What's your workplace standard of dress like? That would help a lot.

    If you want to be a sophisticated man, stop saying 'button down'. Its a giveaway that you consider buttons exotic. Its only a 'button down' if you are using it as shorthand for 'button down COLLAR' i.e. link

    A few notes I can make beyond that:

    - If you wear sweaters a lot, 5 is not many.

    - Short sleeve dress shirts - I have a couple. Unless they're a staple of your summer wardrobe, I don't use them that often. When will you wear them, vs. a polo shirt, vs a shirt (that's one of those things with buttons).

    - 8 jeans is too many imho. Good jeans need to be broken in. Don't buy stonewash. Or grey. Buy some black and indigo and break them in yourself. Maybe have some that are not worn for dressier, and some more worn in for casual.

    - You have a huge number of dress pants and sportscoats (they're only blazers if they're solid color with shiny buttons). And not a single suit. You almost certainly want a suit. Charcoal most likely, if not, then navy. 8 sportscoats would be appropriate if that's your USUAL day to day wardrobe - in fact you might even want more (maybe 5 4 season, a few spring-summer only and a few fall-winter only). They're not outerwear, by the way. Not sure about your color suggestoins ... maybe one black, but hell, not two. browns are more useful then you may think. The core colors of traditional men's daytime dress are grey, brown, blue. (for shirts add pink - which works with all three of grey/brown/blue).

    - 8 white dress shirts is overkill. I own about 24 or 25 'work' shirts. 3 are white. That's enough. Some solid white, some solid blue, some solid pink, a solid purple, white with stripes of various shades, blue with stripes in various shades, some check, some other patterns.

    - one winter boot is fine if you're talking a snow boot. I'm not sure what the differance between casual leather and smart- casual leather is, exactly. If you wear dress shoes daily (and your pant/sportscoat selection suggests yes), I'd actually go -above- 4 and hit at -least- 5 pairs. I also have a black chelsea boot and tan grain lace up boot with synthetic soles (vs all leather on dress shoes) that I wear to work, through snow. Keep 'em well polished.

    - I'd prefer one good leather jacket to 2 so so ones, but maybe a brown and a black

    - 2 winter coats? One ski jacket, one wool coat would probably suffice if that's what you mean.

    - Predators + sophisticated = fail. Maybe Persol's or some kind of aviator or ... something that's not a wrapped sunglass.

    Don't go buy all this at once. It will take time to develop a feel for what you really like, what fits, and what 'works' for you.

    • i have a diverse lifestyle, so I like a diverse wardrobe. I go to school, but I do work. I do need professional clothes when dealing with clients. where I live, there is both very warm weather and very cold weather. I go to clubs and nice restaurants, but I also hang out with friends on a casual day.

      you wrote a lot , so I'm going to address each point in my question description.


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    • yeah, that's the thing. for day to day wear, such as going to the store. I want to dress casual, but maturely. a sweater and a good pair of jeans with leather shoes is a great example. its classy but not too dressy for the situation. basically, no hoodies, no ed hardy, no logo shirts, none of that. but for work, clients, clubbing and high-end parties, I do like to dress up. is that fair?

    • Pretty much.

      Honestly I find casual harder.

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  • do you also have like watches, like a casual one and a really nice one?

    • yeah, forgot to add it.

  • Sounds wonderful!

  • I feel like you should also incorporate in some sweaters

    • i already included them on the list

    • Oh right. Missed them

      You thought of everything, it's a good well rounded wardrobe

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  • Is that what 30 year old guys wear. I we didn't get the memo. I'll pass it around to the guys so they know. =P

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