A woman who is mad at me for no reason and couldn't look at me straight in the eye every conversation

this woman who is living right next to my room seem to hate me very much. here is the story.

a year ago, we used to talk a lot and go out a lot. I don't really know if she really had feelings for me because as I guy,

i think we are good at reading women's subtle language, I kind of having delusions that she might had feelings for me

at that time, so as result, since I have feelings for her too I decided to proposed to her. unfortunately, she told me

that she doesn't have feelings for me and that she is just being friendly.

a month later, her manners towards me seems to be getting awkward, she started to get mad at me for no reason, she couldn't

talk to me straight to my eyes, she hates everything that I do, she's good with everyone else but not to me.

but sometimes I do catch her looking at me but turns around soon as our eyes met. she's getting nervous when I'm around


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  • She could ave possibly developed feelings for you after you told her you had feelings for her, this might have caused her to get frustrated with herself and therefore blame u. That's just one theory though, I could be completely wrong.

    • does this imply that I shoul have pursue her? because since she began to act like that I did the same thing too

  • I hate to tell you this because you seem like a sincere guy and all, but this chick really does not Like you. If she did she would not send out signals of hostility or avoid you. Maybe you could talk to her and ask her what she is so angry with you about. If is something that you did then apologize so you can go back to being "civil" neighbors. If it is not something you did, then avoid her completely because if she really can't stand you, she could make life difficult for you.

    • but what's weird is that she sends signals that would seem like she likes me too. she sings randomly when I'am around or get to nervous, sometimes I catch her looking at me, she tends to be very shy when I am making fun of her, and I could even hear her giving me compliments secretly

    • there was also a time prior to the situation that I had to take care of her because she was sick, we were on bed and her cousin on the corner of the their room. she implied if I could give her massage. well, I did, I touched her whole body, I stayed longer on her butt, she didn't disagree. I refused to advance on her breast and to her v*

    • Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend? Or just neighbors? Because a full body rub sounds very inappropriate for "just neighbors who used to date" also, how old is this woman? Is she elderly and crippled and that is why you had to care for her when she got sick? Singing out loud is not a signal of interest,everyone gets nervous once in awhile and by the way, a "compliment" is something nice you say to another person to their face. Not secretly. Ever think that you might be reading into this too much?

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