Girls looking at guys checking out other girls...

For example; a hot girl bent over in front of me and I totally checked out her ass without her knowing. Then I looked up and to the side and there is this other girl who noticed that I checked out the girl who bent over, and she had this look that I can put my finger on, maybe a mixture of disapprove and jealousy.

Do girls often check out if guys are checking out someone else? And what are your thoughts/feelings when you catch them?


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  • She was either looking at you with disgust or jealousy. A lot of girls hate that most men look at them objectively, and what you did was icing on the cake. Or, she's wishing guys would look at her that way. It's pretty much 50/50. Women don't really try and hunt down guys who are eyeballing other women. Most of the time, it's just coincidence. The ones who actually do that are just weird..


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