He said he didn't like me and now he follows me?

Basically I told a guy from my college that I liked him a month ago and he told me he didn't like me back. After being rejected, I didn't want to look bitter so I'd still text him. College started three weeks ago and I have been avoiding him and cut back on contact (also because I'm busy with schoolwork). However, lately he has been showing up to places where I am and that I wouldn't see him before. At first I told myself I was over analyzing, but then he did it again. He even parks in the lot closest to my class even though his class is across campus. A few days ago he just walked past me and ignored me. Then a few days later he looked into my classroom and looked at me. So what gives? Why is he all of a sudden following me? He's really awkward and shy (and I mean really).


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  • Possibly coincidence? Just ignore him, he's had his chance.

    • Exactly what I'm doing! The more I seem to ignore him the more he seems to try to be around me. I could careless because I'm dating someone else now :D

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