Why do young girls hit on me? Am over 60, they are 20-27...

Some want a one night, some want to date, be sexual. I make not look 60, but I am not young. In the last year, some half dozen , hit on me first, oldest was 25.

All said I looked interesting, none said daddy issues, nor sugar daddy. One admitted desire to be with older guy...why girls?


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  • Maybe you have a cool personality. Some girls just like older guys. It's nothing more than a preference. Like some people prefer vanilla to strawberry. There's probably something about you that attracts them. They may not be hitting on EVERY older guy.


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  • I think older guys are sooooooo hot :) So hot! I guess I don't have a thing for older guys specifically. It's more men who almost exude confidence, knowledge and wisdom, things we can't get from men our age.

    No other reason than that!

    Would you go for them? How do you feel about them?

    Are you cautious when you flirt back? Do you flirt back?

    • Yes, I go for them sometimes. I flirt back if I think we might have something or it seems right. Yet I am cautious when I do. I went with one who had your view, just thought I was hot. But that was when I was 55, she was 23. We had a great run, but it still happens, making me wonder.

      Thanks :)

    • Any tips? I'm after one right now :)

    • maybe...friend me, we trade thoughts.

  • Maybe its because of the money or they just like older guys ( many girls do)

    • Ok, but why do they like older guys? I'm flattered, but they are good looking...

    • More mature

      More experienced

      Take more care of the girl

    • My guess, but still... They could have any guy.

  • It's the money , Women will tell you anything for money. It's just strategy , You don't want to put it out there at first . Not to many young women want a man in their 60's without a motive. I think you know

    • Nothing to put out out. Maybe a drink. No way to get rich with me...

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  • 60 year old getting hit on by women in there 20's? Very unlikely.

    Him complaining about it online? Impossible.

    Strong trolling bro.

  • did they want your money? lol

    • No. none wanted money...or help with bills.

    • i really have no idea why they would then lol

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