Is it really over? or is it all games?

Me and this guy named marco

had started talking for almost two weeks

and had so much in common I really liked

him. So we decided to meet each other for the first time

and we went to his house where he introduced me to his

mom. After that we went to get something to eat and he would

give me this look not a sexual look but a look that made me feel

like he really liked me. So we went back to his place where we watched a movie and every now and then he would turn to me

and say your so beautiful. We started kissing because I felt so comfortable with him and he basically took my breath away. But he received this message from this girl that he said he doesn't like her cause she is easy and he doesn't like that but it upset me still.

So I started acting upset and he got upset cause I was being like that later that night he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes.

He kept saying he's always wanted a girl like me and he is excited that we are going to prom together.

Bad thing is he kept kissing me and I started thinking what if he just wants sex and that's why he is treating me good. So I said I'm going home cause I'm tired of you always wanting to kiss and touch. So he said alright than he walked me to my car and I said can I get a kiss he says didn't you say that your tired of that.

So when I was on the road home I kept calling him but he didn't answer. Later on that night I text him saying "R you not talking to me anymore? " his response was nope.

For a day he never answered my phone calls or text.

and so I was worried. My cousin who is friends with Marco

asked what was wrong? Marco says your cousin is to controlling and too forward, and I don't know about that, and she gets mad easily.

When my cousin told me this I cried because I did act that way, but that's not really how I am.

The thing that I'm confused about is that why did he ask me to be his girlfriend if he didn't really like me, and why did he make plans for the future as if we where going to be together. And why do I feel like its not over cause I doesn't make sense. Everything around me reminds me of him and its been a couple of days and I still can't get over it. I really do like this guy, and don't know what to do?


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  • As much as it hurts, hun, you have to forget about him, clearly it was just for fun. He never intended to have a serious relationship with you. He once mentioned that he doesn't like "easy" girls, yet you gave in to his charms and said YES when he asked you to be his girlfriend. WHY?! Yes you really like this guy, but by the looks of it, you might not have a healthy relationship with him at all.

    so I say forget about him. It's hard, I know, but it's the right thing to do. But if you're willing to risk being hurt because you "really like this guy", it's your choice.


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  • You should try to concentrate on other things for now and not contact him. If he really likes you he should not let go of you so easily. Be strong, it is hard now but it will be fine soon.

    just don't humiliate yourself with chasing him.

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