Tips on how to take good pictures of myself?

every time I go to take a picture of myself, it ends up looking awful. It might be I'm just not photogenic or I guess I'm just not doing it right. Sometimes the photo makes me look huge or exhausted or just ill.

Right about now I have only one picture of myself that I like and now I'm starting to go off it. If it helps, I do wear makeup but not loads and when I ask my friend's opinions on these pictures, I think they're just trying to be nice by saying they look okay.

Does anyone have any helpful tips on what I could do to get better pictures without editing them?


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  • 1. Use a longer focal length lens (that's hard to put a number on without knowing what kind of camera you have) and make sure you're not too close to the background.

    2. Place yourself in soft lighting, such as open shade (slightly under a tree or porch) or next to a window with sheer curtains. Don't ever use an on-camera flash for a portrait.

    3. Don't face directly toward the camera. Turn your body 30 to 45 degrees away, then bring your face/eyes back to the camera.

    4. Use good posture. It may feel unnatural to "sit up straight" but it will look much better in the photo.

    5. Try for a natural smile. Don't think about smiling for the camera. Think about a joke or a happy moment. A real smile shows in your eyes, not just your lips.


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  • Might help to get some examples of what you currently look like in pictures...


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  • Put on more makeup than usual for a pic. What looks unnatural in real life looks OK in photos. Look towards a light source like a window on a lamp. Use a very slight "myspace angle" where the camera is SLIGHTLY above your eye level. Don't go crazy and put it above your head or it will look crazy. Then take like 100 photos making various faces. Some of them are bound to come out nice.

    Not everyone is photogenic. Some people look great in real life and awful in photos. Some people look great in photos and meh in real life.

    Anyways, those tips should help, but basically if you take enough pics, eventually you'll have some good ones.

  • fins some posing picture