I've never had to wear makeup, need advice how

I've never had to worry about makeup. However, I've recently lost too much weight and it shows in my face. I already had a slender face. What makeup tips do I need to make my cheeks not look so gaunt?


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  • Get two different shades of liquid foundation--one that matches your skin tone, and one that's much lighter. Put the light kind on first. Apply it with a brush. Then apply the darker shade so that you don't look like a ghost. If this doesn't conceal the shadows under your cheekbones, try putting some very light concealer on them first. And whatever you do, don't wear blush.

    • Thank you. I'll go play with foundations. I see luminess air advertised. I may try that, since it's supposed to be really light on the skin.

    • That's a good idea. Good luck.

  • Interesting, usually more people want their cheeks to look more gaunt.

    Get fat... Again. - There are surgeries or some procedures for this

    • Thanks. I've never been fat, either. Always slender, so, the weight loss didn't help. I'm 107 from 119.

    • Please, be specific. " However, I've recently lost too much weight" - I went by that, can ya blame me?

      That's not too bad. Start contouring your cheekbones to give it more of a define look.

    • Totally understand. Thanks. I've never worn foundation, blush or any of that. All the advice shows how to make cheekbones pop. I don't want that:-)

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