Im 16 and I have a bit of fashion sense but when it comes to matching colors I'm hopeless :P. If anyone could give me a bit on an overview of what goes together color wise it would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Rule 1: Never wear black and navy blue, as in black pants navy blue shirt, the colors clash.

    Rule 2: Never wear different patterns together, like you did with the plaid shorts and striped shirt lol, if you wear a pattern on one item, wear a solid, for instance with your light blue plaid shorts a clean white tshirt would have looked much better.

    These days you can really play with colors, you can pretty much put anything together, its more about clashing textures and patterns that's the problem.


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  • liquidlithium is right about mix-matching patterns. It's just too busy that it's tacky.

    Also, don't over do it with the colors. As in, don't go out wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, a red jacket, and green shoes. If in doubt, stick to two main colors.

    As for which colors go together, and which do not, it'll vary depending on who you ask. For example, I think green and pink go nicely together, while several of my friends disagree.

    Colors I don't think match well:

    Yellow and purple

    Yellow and blue

    Red and blue

    Red and green (excluding Christmas season)

    It also depends on the shades of colors. I think pale yellow and pale blue would look okay together, but regular yellow and blue is a no-no.

    It's really confusing. Just get married and let your wife pick out your clothes.


  • light blue with dark blue

    white with blue or black

    grey with black

    black with grey or white

    red with jeans (blue)

    guys mostly wear blue, grey, white, black or red

    just make sure muted colours go with muted colours

  • So, pink and orange, blue and green. black and white, brown and tan. their are also many more. Brown and black and white almost go with any color. Hope this helped you!

    • Well, I'm wearing light blue plaid shorts and a horizontal striped red and white t-shirt... does that work?

    • Sorry but that does not really work. If you wear the light blue plaid shorts and a blue horizontal striped shirt that would work better. Or you could just with a plain white shirt if you preffer.

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