Ladies, what kind of facial expression is this?

Hi all, need your help figuring out this girl. For the past couple of days I caught her looking at me in class. When we made eye contact, she would smile (closed mouth smile) , raises one of her eyebrows at me and look away then look back until I break eye contact. Sometime when she does that, she will kind of squint with her eyes (kind of hard to explain). Need some help please. Thanks.

P.S . She has a boyfriend but he is not in the same class.


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  • Well there are a couple of possible answers to your question:

    1) She is into you but she's not willing to break up with her boyfriend if you don't like her back.


    2) She is bored and having fun teasing you to see what your reaction will be.

    My suggestion is just start up a friendly conversation with her don't do anything stupid like saying what's with all the starring. See how she reacts to you starting a conversation and go from there.


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