How do shy girls approach guys?

I am in college and I have never really been good with talking to guys which was never a problem until now. I really would like to know how do I get a guy to notice me.?


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  • Just go talk to us. I think guys are most accepting of girls than girls of guys. If a guy comes over to talk to you, it has to be for something otherwise it is awkward and weird for the girl.

    But when a girl comes over to talk to me, hey, more the merrier. I don't often see girls get rejected like that by guys. Why do you think there's girl's night at barsclubs?


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  • guys are visual. Pick up some good clothes that flatter your body and smile when you people.

  • well.. you gotta be noticeable.. I mean.. everyone have their own styles .u juz gotta shine up abit..

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