Outcasts: proclaimed or self-proclaimed?

If you feel like an outcast, do you think other people pushed you out or did you choose to be an outcast? Or even kept yourself out from the beginning?

If you have "different" tastes or hobbies - do you think you chose those "different" things to like *because* you're an outcast or are you an outcast *because* of your tastes and hobbies?

Are you an outcast because of the way you look?

Do you make yourself look different because you already feel like an outcast?

What do you think of the outcasts you know, if you aren't one yourself?

Do you think *everyone* feels like an outcast?

What are your thoughts?


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  • I used to be quite an outcast from primary up to high school. At first it was unvoluntary - I just didn't click with other kids. For that reason I dived in books and music, and consiquently started to oppose myself to others in a self-chosen way, although I'd always suffered from lack of friends.

    It kind of changed when I got to university. In the beginning I acted quite differently from my normal behavior, but even now when I'm feeling safer and getting back to my slightly weird style, I still hang out with more people than in all those terrible 11 years of school. I also started to realize that distancing myself from people was my own fault at some point - after all, I didn't understand even simplest principles of social behavior.

    The funny thing is, although I'm deadly happy to finally have some friends, I sometimes miss my "outcast" time. At least back then I spent much more time on education and other useful stuff :)


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  • I'am an outcast, but only with women. They all act the same towards me, so I concluded that it has to be the way I look


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  • hmm, I was an outcast in my class back in school all day was till 3rd year HS, mainly because I was a weird antisocial pessimistic techy history geek mistiza girl, I was also slow to mature mentally I think because I was born prematurely (8 months) but I was really quick on the mark with technology and mechanical fields, but that made me very practical so I suffered through my classes, all I had to do was memorize, I excelled ridiculously in math, science, chemistry, physics, English, and history especially since instead of just answering questions I asked the teachers all kinds of things, like for example my history teacher did not know the real truth behind the declaration of war of japan in ww2, he thought it was because they were with the nazi, but they were with the English just before the war, the tommy's were making battleships for japan in fact, so why? because America feared them, the English asked the emperor to quell the civil war in china since they had just lost their government, the military were in a rush to stage a coup, so japan attacked them, in the name of england, the empire grew in power and in 1938 they were feared across the pacific, they would have helped the allies eventually choke the wolf pack and the german harbors and win the war quickly but noo, America had to retaliate by cutting japans export trade which destroyed japans rising economy as a new oil leader, so pearl harbor happened, the entire American fleet reduced to debris on the harbor floor, and the pacific war started, anyway I'm sidetracking, so the teacher didn't know that and he graduated college in history, so he was forced to give me top A+ throughout high school lol, that made me unwanted enemies o_o anyway I got really popular in 4th year after I nearly killed 2 bullies (not joking, they were hospitalized o.o) and sudden had a lot of good friends who wanted to help me with my problems, my personality, attitude, fears, hairstyle, fashion, tailoring, cosplay, everything, and I'm so deeply grateful to them especially for curing my pessistic and depressive suicidal disorder :) and then my boyfriend :3

    I still have androphobia(fear of men, long story) and dementia(I bottle up my rage towards my family) so I'm not completely cured yet lol! but its really great to know I have so many people who care about me and my special one so much, which is why I try to help everyone else I can :D

    so I'd say I was an outcast but not anymore :)