How do I look forward, stay positive after we agreed to end it?

We had different views, I got upset over them, I got caught up in him and how he made me feel and I couldn't enjoy the moments, instead I obsessed over the future. He saw that his views were hurting me and he didn't wanna hurt me so we ended it. Any advice on how to get happy at this point? get positive?


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  • np. anytime. everyone has found True Happiness before they found True Love. Just need torecall what you did an go back to your roots.


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  • Find something to keep you occupied. new hobbies an things to do.

    1. Accept its Over on Good terms.

    2. Relax an Enjoy yourself.

    3. Recall what you did before y'all met that made you happy.

    • good advice, thanks :)

    • np. anytime everyone has experienced true happiness before they fell in love with someone, just go back to what made you more happy than sad.

  • Move forward. Find new interests.

    Hang out more with your friends.


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  • I think you should just move on, he's not worth it.

    • he still is an amazing guy, but we didn't have matching views on things and it got me upset so much that he didnt' wanna hurt me.