What do you look for in a S.O?

I know everyone looks for different things and I'm sure that some of these things overlap. I alsothink that this can give everyone a peek into anothers brain. It can be anything and everything.


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  • i like a girl who has a great sense of humor,smart, rational, good taste in music and likes my kung fu and art lol... I also love a girl with a booty :)


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  • Hmm... I suppose there are lots of things in reality, but the first things that come to mind are good sense of humour and easy going. I can be serious, but I like to joke around and be a little silly sometimes, so those two things would be a must! lol Someone who is smart, kind and considerate... Who is thoughtful and definitely appreciative! Loving, warm and romantic personality traits would also be ideal.

    Physically I would just like someone who keeps them self in decent shape, who likes to keep fit and has a good, ladylike figure on her... ;o)

    I suppose having general hobbies and interests in common would be a bonus too! Anyway, those are just some of the first and possibly most important things that come to mind for me... :o)

  • Someone as attractive looking as yourself :)

  • I answered a similar question yesterday, so I'll just paste the same answer:

    inside: friendly, nice, sweet, caring

    outside: fit, healthy, pretty face, nice legs for me to play with :P


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  • Is dark/ a little twisted but not like killer/psycho or too insensitive hahahha.

    Sarcastic (not overly)





    High sex drive



    Likes to do things like go out and what not especially when I want to =P hahha

    Knows how to fight well


    Strong but knows when to let others help when the time calls for it.

    a little stubborn at times

    likes to flirt to get to mi but doesn't do it because he enjoys it



    Has same interests as mi.

    Loves mi in a way that it can never be explained or broken

    he's a little odd




    he knows how to get to mi and please mi

    shares the same fantasies

    hard worker

    Fights for what he wants and believes in

    Has a hard time expressing his emotions but when it comes down to it he knows exactly what to say to make mi understand and feel his love

    always touching mi lol and knows how to have a good time

    wants kids

    can't live without mi

    Can hold his liquor but not a social drinker or alcoholic

    Well, that would be the perfect SO buhttt I mean it still applies because I do look for those in SO but still even if they don't have all those qualities it doesn't matter as long as we love one another and can make each other happy in the end. Love doesn't come to you in a form of a check list..sometimes it just happens. XD

    Hope it helps

  • My requirements:

    Can carry on an intelligent conversation with me.

    Has an amazing sense of humor.

    Has an open mind.

  • Tall, dark hair, light eyes, funny, artsy, good smile, cares about himself and others, financially stable (doesn't have to be rich but independent and has a job), good in bed, loves me.