Okay, why did he do this?

When I go to work I always take the same route, where I always pass this hotel which is really grand and has security guards outside it. Anyways, today I was walking past it when a really cute security guard comes out with "hello" at first I looked at him really shocked then he said "hello how are you" I started to smile afterward realising he isn't a weirdo just a security guard. I then said "hello" back with a smile he then said "you look really nice and happy today" I then said thank you and continued to walk on because I was late. As I was walking on he said something else which I didn't hear and then started to sing really loudly as I was walking away.

Guys have you done this before and if you did why did you do so. And did he expect me to continue to talk to Him. I just like to add I never saw this guy before but I do pass the hotel regularly.


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  • A lot of men like to make girls feel better by complimenting them. Maybe you appeared to be stressed out or worried and he just wanted to cheer you up. I do it myself sometimes, but I don't ever expect the girl to stop and talk to me.

  • He wants to strike up a conversation with you.

    You must be very attractive yourself.


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