What's the biggest/smallest height difference?

Of those of you who have been in more than one relationship, what's the biggest and smallest height difference between you and your SO?

I myself have only been in two. My first boyfriend was 5'7 and I was 5'4 so we were very similar in height.

My current boyfriend is 6'5 and has me by 13 inches! O.o

So those are my two numbers.

Additionally, did you find either height difference easier or harder when it came to the physical aspect of your relationship?


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  • I'm 6'4'' and I like being about 5 inches taller than a girl. I had a short girlfriend once and it wasn't practical lol. Having to bend wasn't good for my spine and my favorite sex positions were difficult. I'd like someone closer to my height for various reasons: easier eye contact which makes it easier to communicate for me, better for my spine, easier to dance, have sex etc. plus I like tall girls. Having said all that, personality is what really counts, and other things like compatibility and mutual attraction, so height is not a big deal.


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  • Height difference really bothers me a lot so I tend to go with girls who are around my height.


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  • I'm 5'5".

    The shortest man I ever dated was around 5'3".

    The tallest man I ever dated was around 6'8".

    6'8" is very tall and sometimes we got stares, but it never really bothered me.