Why doesn't he look me in the eye?

This guy used to always look me in the eye while talking and he would stare deeply into my eyes, now he looks down at the ground. Also, he used to look at me in the hall when passing by me now when he sees me he quickly looks away. wtf?! And I know he used to like me... (He stares at me sometimes.) Why is he like this?


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  • because he found out how much he likes you . Every time he looks at you in the eyes he is afraid you are going to find out he likes you. some people can read peoples emotions through the eyes and the way he looks at you. and he is shy.

  • Probably started crushing on you.

    But you said he used to like you. Maybe he knows that you know and maybe he doesn't anymore and wants to avoid you so you don't get the wrong idea that he is still into you.


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