Why would you stare at a girl in this case?

If you think a girl looks familar, do you check you out/look/stare at her? This girl you are staring at has glanced/briefly stared at you in the past. Keeping in mind that at moment you stare she isn't staring at you. For instance, when I walked into an elevator this guy and me both look at each other in the eyes for a moment...but then he continues to stare me down. I don't even look back at him anymore, instead looking down on the phone texting/scrolling. Meanwhile, the guy literally stares me down for a minute straight until he jerks his head the other way as he exits the elevator. by the way even my friend noticed who was in the elevator with us but we weren't talking inside the elevator. what was he thinking about the entire time during the stare down? He ignores any chance to talk to me, he's cute, popular all that. don't get the staring I was wearing my poofy tna winter jacket with the buttons open not the most flattering lol


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  • It's not that the guy see you as someone familiar. It's just that you're attractive.


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