What's his deal?

Today I was at the mall with my mom and we went to a jewelery kiosk because she was buying her boyfriend a necklace and the guy there was pretty cute and friendly. I was eating a soft pretzel and my mom said she wanted one but they were to fattening. He said yeah they are fattening but looks like she could afford to put on some fat I said thank you. Then my mom was looking a necklace for herself and told him never mind and he said is that all she said yeah unless your going to buy her one just kidding. He said I don't know about that but you might want to leave me with your number and my mom said that's between you too and walked away. I looked at him for a min and he said nah I was just kidding and I told him you can have it if you want he shook his head and said no. Why would he have said it if he was just kidding? That's kind of assholish.


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  • wtf I would have thrown my pretzel at him...he obviously likes to play games what a prick.

    • Lol that's funny I should have thought about that I think I was to busy trying to figure out wtf was up with him

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