Do you go by your self-opinions or base on what your peers think?

A little hard to explain and word but,Can you personally go by fully what you think and feel about your self,Or do you need too voice for a second opinion on top to re-assure your opinion?

Some examples...If you get a feeling you look attractive when you look at your self,would that feel realistic to you to go by? or would you feel full of yourself without taking others opinions before jumping to that conclusion?

Another example..if you get a strong feeling that a future situation will happen,and a peer thinks a different outcome,is that strong feeling going to fade or will you still feel 100% sure that future situation will happen?


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  • I would say you should go by your intuitions. We all can sense when we look good to others in which ever way we are trying. But other peoples opinion can def. be very true at the same time. Sometimes people may comment that I don't see things from the correct perspective. It may be hard changing your ways of thinking but over time it all comes to u.


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