When are you to old to wear the color pink?

Same as question.

I want to add more pink in my wardrobe but I'm afraid to look too immature or to look silly. I always avoided pink when I was younger, but now I'm wishing to have some pink cloths. (but not wear pink every day obviously) I am turning 21 soon, have I missed the time period where I can wear pink and look appropriate?
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I decided to buy different shades of pink clothing and only wearing pink once a week. However, since I really wanted more pink, I decided to buy all my grooming stuff pink (pink hair brush, pink towels, tooth brush, body loofa, etc.)& I am really happy! Whenever I take a bath or get ready now I feel very feminine, without exploding pink all over the place. Or letring pink take over my wardrobe.Haha so pink is only reserved for my personal time, and for that one day of the week. :)
When are you to old to wear the color pink?
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