I had a realization that looks really aren't everything- do you think I may have missed my chance?

A while ago a friend of mine told me he liked me as more than a friend, and he asked me out for a meal on valentines day but I rejected him as he didn't see him as anymore than a friend.

Last night we went to a party together and we ended up talking the whole night and I really got to know him and I found myself really attracted to him, and I even fancied him physically in some unexplainable way. Like I love his style of clothes, but I realized that looks really aren't everything. He is the nicest guy I've ever met and he really looked after me last night. I'm 17 and naive but think I've finally matured, I'm sick of getting with random guys at parties now and feel ready for a relationship.

So I sent him a little message on facebook telling him I really like him but I think I've missed my chance. Do you think he may reject me this time?

never mind I didn't miss my chance lol :D


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  • I don't think you have missed your chance goodluck :)

    • Its all good I didn't miss my chance :D yay

  • Hope it turns out well for you two. =)

    I wish all girls were like you! Lol


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