How I responded to my teacher... What to do?

Alright, so I was in class he was reading, and my vision is quite bad so I don't know what he was staring at all I knew is that he was staring at my direction. Me the dumbass squints my eyes and looks directly into his eyes... He asked me are you okay? Why the hell are you pouting in class! I was like I am not pouting then he says get the hell out of my room and I left and he came outside and told me that is really disrespectful, and he gave me this whole lecture telling me I am ignorant, stubborn, and a know-it-all! He never wants to see my face. Then I interrupted and said, "Sir, I am not angry. At that current time I did not have a emotion to go with that situation other being curious why the hell you were staring at my location." Then he turned cherry red and was like ARE YOU SERIOUS? Child, call your mother, and I told him sir I am 18 you need to talk to someone, then you talk to me. I am telling you what I am honestly thinking. Then he looks at me and goes back into the classroom and told me to stay outside... Me the obedient child stayed outside and he called me in to apologize. Did I do something wrong? Should have I just kissed ass? What did I do wrong?


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  • Are you in college?

    Tell him your vision isn't very good and that you were squinting, he sounds obnoxious for a professor. If he won't talk to you, I suggest go to the board and tell them your professor is being ignorant.

  • Yea I think you should have just told him you were having trouble seeing. He was in the wrong regardless and didn't have to go that far. I don't think you did anything wrong but when you told him he has to talk to someone that was kinda funny.


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