When is a girl feeling attraction?

A girl that supposedly doesn't like me anymore is now my friend.

In a way (it may just be me) but I think she still likes me somehow.

How can I tell she's feeling attraction to me?


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  • If she's pretty touchy-feely towards you then that's a big sign. Not to be super shallow or anything but I never initiate hugs with guys whom I don't find physically attractive at all even if they're good friends...so if she initiates hugs with you then that counts as being touchy-feely. Also if you catch her looking at you a lot more than just friends do.

    • Alright, thank you. =]

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    • Nah I wouldn't say that I'm the only one who thinks that, though I know there are some girls who'll hug anyone...but are you even sure that that girl isn't attracted to you at all? sometimes girls like to hide these things...

    • I'm not completely sure, I really like her (and she knows this), but it's pretty complicated to say the least. She could just be leading me on, but she's very nice to me either way.

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