Why do girls like their girlfriends more than their boyfriends/husbands?

This infuriates me a bit.

I see guys spending all that money, all that time with and on their woman.

Most of these guys are looking to settle down, start a family etc.

Yet these women, or so called, femi-nazi's all they care about is their friends, the latest fashion, going to special congregations, bragging about what their boyfriend does for them etc.

At best these women aren't even hot, sure they have a set of breasts and a stanky vagina, some even are intelligent, but beyond that they have no appeal.

Is what I am witnessing just modern day feminism?

Dont you ladies feel like you aren't fulfulling your duties as a girlfriend ?


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  • Well, most guys don't want to sit around and listen. I had my girlfriends long before any boyfriend. And in many older women's case... their girlfriends are still around long after their husbands are dead. So for most girls its very important to maintain a good friendship with their girlfriends. Because when the boyfriend pisses you off... the first person you call is your best friend. Most girls thrive off of social interactions and connections. Most men don't want to sit around and listen. And no man should ever be asked "do these jeans make me look fat?" so a girl needs her girlfriends to answer that.

    Men are the same way. If something goes wrong, they go to their bros first.

    As for fulfilling my duties as a girlfriend... if I wasn't, don't you think he would have replaced me by now?


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  • Gee, you certainly have a grip on reality. -_- If I have a boyfriend, he matters just as much, maybe more, than my girlfriends and he knows it.

  • I do my part as a girlfriend...

    I'm there for him, I talk to him, I support him, I cook for him, I clean for him, I have sex with him, I hang out with him, I laugh with him, I help him, I'm friends with him, I'm appreciative of him and I thank him for whatever it is he does for me or helps me out with.

    I'm not a feminazi though so...

    And whose fault is it if guys have low standards and all a girl has to do is sit around, look hot and act a bitch for a guy to show her off proudly?

  • Because women trust their girlfriends not to break their heart. Men are taught not to show feelings and love so even when dating someone its hard to tell if they do. We are always taught not to waste our breath explaining our feelings to men because, honestly, they don't care. But girls we can share feelings with so we end up closer to them

  • Girlfriends? What are those?... It has really been that long since I have spent time with girlfriends! I have a full time job and kids to take care of, I'm lucky if I even get 30 min to myself during the day. I'm sorry I don't have time to wait on my husband hand and foot. If he thinks I'm not fulfilling my duties as a wife, he knows where the front door is...

    • LOL exactly what I am talking about.

      man this sucks.

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    • ...im sorry to hear about that...

    • It's fine. I guess you can say I act like a man...it's the only way I know how to protect myself. I know all men aren't like this but it's still hard to trust them. I hope you find someone w the attributes you are looking for but don't shut out the women that don't fit into that category. You might miss out on someone special if you do.

  • someones bitter...

    but anyways, your friends are always there for you. like when your crying they comfort you, when you need a few bucks they lend it to you, give you fashion advice, tell you when your hair is messed up, when you have food in your teeth, etc. girls just understand each other better.

    guys are like this too. have you never heard the phrase "bros before hoes"?

    and I'm sorry, correct me if I'm wrong, but what man in the age group of 18 to 24 is looking to settle down and start a family?


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  • Hi, I'm anonymous and I like going on dramatic ranting tirades about how unfair the opposite sex is.

    You could, like, just date girls that aren't bitches instead.

  • You are hanging out with horrible women. That's your problem. It's not a problem that bothers the rest of the world.

    • check out the rest of the divorce rate though...i agree I may be hanging with horrible women, but its not my fault,they are really good looking.