What do girls find in a guy that is physically attractive?

i want to know what is attractive physically. Eyes, height, weight, lips, body, hair, nose, overall face, and muscles.


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  • eyes and height do it for me I love nothing more than a fella with lovely cute eyes and really tall and a cute smile

    i don't like "hot" guys you know the typical goodlooking guys that everyone will find goodlooking

    i like guys with the summit summit

    • Whats a 'summit summit'?

      Also the girl above you looks just like you.


    • Lol thanks that's a compliement she's pretty

      i don't know its jsut likesomething different about them

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  • I guess everyone is going to have their own preferences

    1. eyes: blue or brown for me

    2. taller than me > 5.7

    3. weight: healthy body mass index

    4. lips?

    5. body hair? preferrably some but not too much

    6. nose? lol

    a little muscle never hurt, I wouldn't mind a guy being musclular.

  • Definitely height, I think every girl loves a tall guy. I really like blonde hair, or any variation of blonde. I also like curly hair but most guys don't have that.

    As long as he isn't extremely fat or extremely skinny then I should be fine haha :]

  • Eyes, hair, and height -- taller than me is sexy.

    i seem to have a different taste from other women. Guys they find attractive, I don't find attractive, and so I become the odd one in the group..

    but one thing that really gets my attention is a guys smile. So if he had really bad teeth, that would be a turn off.. for me.

  • For me it's

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: I like very tall

    Weight: I like a bigger guy

    Hair: Blond or light brown and kind of the clean messy look (if that makes sense)

    Muscles: average

    I also like a guy with some chest/stomach hair, but not too much. Nice smile as well.

  • I like really tall guys, like 6'2 to 6'5, built but not like a body builder - just like kinda secure looking, dark hair, light eyes but sometimes dark eyes. Shorter hair. I like hunky guys haha.

  • eyes: blue

    height: must be taller than me, around 6'0

    weight: must be muscular, not fat, but physically bigger than me

    hair: any shade of brown

    muscles: not steroidesque but definitely athletic

    face: noticeably attractive

  • Nice brown/green eyes, hair with some kind of length to it, I always look at his lips, I don't like it when they're really thin. He must be taller than me, and NOT dress all "gangster" (with his pants down to his ankles - ugh).

  • eyes and smile =)

  • I'm generally attracted to guys with dark eyes, who are tan, scruffy hair and someone who looks healthy [not into the whole body builder type thing lol]


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