Medical question - Swollen gums, sore throat & sore on tongue

I am looking for medical advice from my current symptoms. I'm currently outside of my country so if I can avoid expensive medical bills I'd rather do it.

Day one I developed a sore throat and by evening had what looked like tonsillitis. (swollen throat and tonsils which were red with lots of white spots.) I was very tired and slept alot. I also had a slight fever.

Day 2 My throat was more sore and there were more white spots. As well my gums about my top, right incisors (front, corner of mouth) was slightly swollen and sore if I pressed my finger on it. (not sore otherwise) I slept a lot this day to and had a fever off and on.

Day 3 My throat was the same, very sore and the white spots were still there, I also developed a weak cough. My gum lines was still the same - swollen in the same place and still sore to touch (like a bruise)

Day 4 My throat was still sore, the white spots on my tonsils were less though. The swelling on my gum line had spread to a few smaller other places, however not sore unless pressure was put on them. Difficult to brush teeth because of the pain it caused on my gums. I also developed a sore area on the right side of the tip of my tongue. It just looks like a cluster of slightly enlarged taste buds (not very noticeable to look at, but quite painful) I still have an occasional weak cough.

Day 5 my throat was much less sore and almost all the white spots on my tonsils are gone. It seems my throat is almost healed. However my gums are sore which makes brushing teeth difficult and the sore area on my tongue is still there.

I had a little more of a cough today.

Day 6 - Today. My throat is a lot better, no longer very sore and very few white spots. I still have a cough though. The spot on my tongue is 2X the size it started and my gums are still swollen and sore...

Any suggestions? I have no idea what is going on... :(

To add I have been on Sulpa antibiotics for 4 days now
Sulfamethoxazole - Trimethoprim. And my throat is no longer sore, it is just my gums and the sore area on my tongue.

All is back to normal now and has been for a while.. I still don't know exactly what it was... strange!


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  • I think it is streptococcus pyogenes, take pencilin G

    Adults: 500 mg two or three times daily for 10 days

    if it doesn't get cured, maybe it is a viral tonsillitis instead of bacterial. I need cultures to confirm.

    • thanks for the advice. :)

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  • Along with what the other folks said, make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C. Your body can't store it, so you have to be taking it in constantly, and not getting enough can lead to scurvy (associated with pirates and sailors because they rarely got fresh fruit). Scurvy can cause tooth and gum pain, swelling, etc., along with problems with finger and toe nails, and other problems.

    Fresh citrus fruits are the best way to get Vitamin C, but orange and grapefruit juice also works well. If nothing else, take a 100% recommended daily allowance Vitamin C tablet. No need for those 900% tablets; you just pee out the 800% left-over, because again, your body can't store it.

  • it sounds like a bacterialinfection...maybe you can get over it without going to the doctor, but yu're taking a chance. Usually you need antibiotics to get rid of the infection, and by waiting, you risk a wider, systemic infection that will take longer to treat and BE MORE EXPENSIVE.

    This is one reason our healthcare system is so expensive--people are afraid of spending the money to see the doc, so they wait until the problem is worse, and more expensive to treat.

    Not to mention, these infections can be fatal if they get out of control...

  • The appearance of a single sore marks the first (primary) stage of syphilis symptoms.

    I'd go to a doctor and get a checkup.



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  • Honestly at first I thought it was strep, but the sore on your tongue makes it seem odd as well as the gums. If you are sexually active gonorhea of the throat acts just like strep. Regardless I would definitely go to the dr as it seems like some sort of infection. While it may be expensive, waiting could make it even more so.

  • sounds like strep throat I had it about a month ago..if you have white spots or ulcers in the back of your throat its probably cause of the strep your going to need omoxacillan..and the longer you wait the stronger the dosage you will get. For the time being take advil to take the swelling in your throat down so it doesn't hurt along with some day quil and that will bandage the symptoms until your home.

    • Thank you for the advice, I have been taking Advil and Tylenol to help control the pain. Today is day 6, I hope it doesn't last too long. :/

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    • analgesics don't cure anything, they mask it, you need antibiotics, they cure it

    • yea that's why I said in my comment advil and day quil will only bandage it..aka mask it thanks fubewhy

  • It would really help if you have pictures... helps the diagnosis a lot :)

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