Ladies: telling a girl she looks like a cartoon character, risky or not?

i guess it depends on the character right? I ask because I don't know how your average lady would react to being compared to cartoon character. the only reason I'm doing it is because they are similar in personality and looks. basically, I'm trying to tell her she is pretty and funny at the same time but I have a slight feeling she might take it the wrong way. how would you react in general? I would rather not say the character but it's definitely an attractive one though, in cartoon terms (weird I know but she would get the reference). yes, I'm six years old.


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  • I'd be kind of weirded out if it was a character I didn't know. Just try to make it a mainstream one and have a short explanation ready in case she has never heard of the character. Also have a phone with you so you can quickly google a picture of it.


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  • " I have a slight feeling she might take it the wrong way."

    Man, if you have any shred of doubt, DON'T DO IT!

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