I have dry skin and freckles on my hands and it makes them look old. Is there anything I can to to stop this?

Since I was ten I have had 'old looking hands' is there anything I can do?

cremes, moisturizing?

am I alone with this problem?

hi I'm only 16 so I don't think I should be using age defense cream lol


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  • try going to dermatologist, I'm sure they'll have some ideas. you can also just talk to your pharmacist, they're pretty well-versed on skin conditions usually.

    • Yeah, because while I've definitely heard about dry hands, I've never heard of getting age spots at 16...do you hang out in the sun A LOT? with no protection at all? and I mean, do you sleep in a tanning every night rather than on a mattress?

    • No

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  • It's only for your hand my dear you did say your hands {not your face} That's what age-defense means you did say old am I right.So look and search yourself on line

  • No your not alone. Try an age-defense cream. Antioxidant is good Aveeno is good also. hope that helps you. {smile}

  • SBS-40 medicated skin cream!

    try it, the smell is not that great but I had excema and old looking skin and it made it feel very supple