Modern world: Anxious parents and overscheduled kids?

A few days ago, I found this article of CNN ( link ) about kids being overscheduled and parents being anxious of their growing children. I think the article focuses on tips for good parenting.

"(CNN) -- Are we, as a nation, making childhood too stressful for millions of kids? Are we cramming them into too many after-school activities without an eye toward what lessons they'll learn about themselves? Have we forgotten what childhood can and should be like?"

Now those questions above makes me really wonder how different life it was for the generations several years ago than this generation now. I think more children and teens today are too stressful for all the things they have to catch up with especially with the rapid development of the world today than the world adults today experienced when they were once children and teens. I think in with every year that is passing there are a lot of things changing and developing in this world, more education and knowledge to acquire to (sometimes must acquire to), and for all the distractions appearing, more about gadgets and too much of liberation, I guess. Sure technology is one who helps us to make some things easy in our lives but sometimes if not manage properly it can affect us and our family negatively. I'm just quite sad about how many children/teens are becoming these days, there are lots of behavioral problems, mental disorders, and physical illness all over the world maybe because of lack of guidance and parenting, well probably due to economic struggles or too busy type of life people have these days. Well, please know I'm not blaming each and every parent here, but you know how the worlds seems now too much work to do, loads of responsibilities, less quality time for their children and even for their own selves, just because of the changing world that is needing a lot of catching up to.

Well on the brighter side, I still know a lot of people who is very good with discipline and parenting, having that intimate connection with their children. I personally think maybe we just need some kind of awareness for all the adults and parents out there to get maybe some down time every now and then and realized how important it is to have a quality time for their children.

Children should be the hope of tomorrow, not the downside of the future. They will sure become the adults and parents of the next generation. We must all be turned into a productive contributor to our society.

What do you think about this issues? Those above are only my opinions and some sure be open for change. I posted this as a question in GAG because I just want to see the opinions of other people from different places and maybe, yes, to have some awareness too, I hope.


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  • Honestly, I love to see children playing outside a lot rather than sitting at home, watching Twilight. Gone are the days when kids will play swords from cut branches, play under the rain, have some social plays with other kids to play physical games, visit a friend's place because their mom cooked some cookies, and lots of others. Now I'm missing my childhood.

    Kids should have the most fun in the world, and not to have parents like that of an Overly Expectant Asian Father (not meant to be offensive).


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