Gut-feeling vs logic?

So I really don't believe what's going on...I go to the gym regularly with my group of friends (They're really strong guys).

So there is this girl who is in the top sorority that's always in the gym. She's a student counselor. She's incredibly hot, and she's got status (She's in tridelta).

But we're always eyeing each other and I notice her looking at me when we cross paths. One time, our arms brushed together, but we didn't say anything. And a couple of other times, I think she's acted cutely nervous around me. And interestingly, I don't see guys hitting on her at the gym.

I like to consider myself good looking, but I'm not a jock lol. I do hang with the strongest guys in the gym, but I'm not too strong myself. And I don't have the fraternity status. Yet I have the feeling that she could like me, but it doesn't make logical sense. What do I do?


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  • you should go with your gut! I think she might be into u


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