What are some common fashion faux pas?

My list wouldinclude sagging jeans, 6 foot women in tall heels, and plump women showing their midriffs...but that's only the beginning.


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  • Basically anyone wearing clothes that they don't have the body for.

    Fat people wearing tight clothing, but also thin people wearing clothes that are too big for them. My one friend has such a nice body but she hides it under clothes that are twice her size. Basically you need to wear clothes that fit your body shape. Anyone can look good if they can dress properly.


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  • Wearing heels that make the poor girl look like her legs are broken or her muscles have atrophied.

    Too much make up (red red red, mouth, cheeks, too much blush is really tacky)

    That terrible tangerine color lip gloss and lip stick some girls wear. Some colors don't look good on everyone, I know it's bad for me so I don't wear it. This is a huge kinda pet peeve thing when I see girls wearing that quite cute color and because of incompatible skin tones or undertones it's just a mess :/

    Shorts and leggings

    Wearing what everyone else is wearing just because everyone else is wearing it, I think the sheep mentality is pretty pathetic

  • I can't stand animal print...zebra, leopard, alligator...whatever. It looks tacky wherever you put it. I do like the look and feel of a nice fur coat or leather jacket, but not if there is a pattern to it.

    A personal style irritant is yoga pants with uggs. Pretty much everyone at my university wears them together and I think it just looks silly. I love yoga pants because chicks are hot c: but uggs with are poop. You'd look better with skinny jeans and boots!

  • Brown with black


    Socks and sandals

    White after labour day


    Shirts that are a billboard for the store they came from


    Sweat pants

    Yoga pants (with the exception of working out)

    Whale tail/plumber's butt

    Camel toe/moose knuckles

    Large, obviously fake gold chains

    Un-manicured toes with open toed shoes

    Top/bottom heavy outfits

    Visible, brightly colored bras with clashing sheer shirts

    Bikini tops as tops (outside the immediate vicinity of a water source used for entertainment purposes)

    One pant leg tucked into a boot and one sticking out

    Bright lips + eyes + cheeks

    That's all I could think of at the top of my head.

  • Fat men's crack being exposed.

    Wife beaters

    Leggins on overweight women.

    Stepping into a store with PJs or slippers

    Board shorts for swim trunks

    Florals and plaid together.

  • Sagging jeans, definitely. Three hundred piercings, on guys or girls. It's just a bad idea.

    -Bikinis on women who don't have the bodies for them

    -Wearing converse with a skirt and leggings...I don't know about everyone else, but for some reason it's really popular around here

    -Guys and girls: Wearing sweat pants all the time...they're fine for hanging out, and even to wear to class, but when you're wearing them on dates, or when you need to make a class presentation, it's just tacky.

    -Chest revealing dresses...a little bit of chest, sure, but I really don't want to see other people's racks on display when they're dancing, thank you.

    -Too-short dresses...again, short is fine, but if I can see your underwear, there's a problem.

    -Speaking of which, if you're wearing a short dress, please wear something more than a thong...

    -Hats with hair that sticks out...I don't know how to describe this one, but this is a common guy offense for me. When guys have their longer hair, and then put a hat on, so that it sticks straight out sideways? That definitely drives me crazy.

    -Pajama pants being worn like they're regular pants...need I say more?

    -Little kid hair clips/ styles. I know a couple of girls who wear their hair like this, and it again, drives me crazy.

    -Tie-dye...I don't know why this one bothers me, but I've never liked tie-dye on anyone.

    -Wearing the same outfit for a week.

    I probably have a billion others, but these are definitely ones that drive me nuts.

  • As a community college student, I see all kinds of stupid fashion choices. Here are some that irritate me:

    -Girls wearing yoga pants all the time. People know you don't have gym every single day.

    -Shorts and dresses in the winter

    -Top-of-the-head buns. They are only acceptable when you're at a pool and you're trying not to get your hair wet.

    -PJ's to class. Not just the pants, full blown pjs.

    -Angry birds merch. Are you seriously going to buy a shirt based off a stupid cell phone app? You don't see people wearing sudoku shirts so why wear angry birds?

    -Guys sagging their pants

    -Guys sagging their pants while wearing girlie boxers

    -Girls wearing boyshort underwear under booty shorts. If people can see the bottom half of your underwear, there's a problem.

    -Uggs. I understand wearing them in locales that are actually cold, but southern California is no place for them.

    -Tube tops that just cover the boobs. They look stupid no matter how thin and toned you are.

    -See through tops with just a bra underneath.

    -wearing the country flag of a place you've never even been.

    -whale tails

    I know there are more but none come to mind.

    • My favorite are Uggs w/miniskirts. I mean, what's the look supposed to be? Alaskan prostitute? (No offense Alaska)

    • Oh, I forgot that one. Yeah, it's pretty common here in California. Mini skirts and short shorts are almost necessary here in summer so I don't care if people wear them but if they wear them with Uggs then they should probably be stabbed repeatedly.

  • Coming from one of the wettest cities in the country:

    - Alaskan Prostitute: Uggs w/miniskirts

    - Mud Collector: Uggs when it's pouring

    - Sagging: (no explanation necessary)

    - Shorts during winter

    - The Ever-Present Exerciser: athletic wear (yoga pants, basketball shorts, heavily logo-ed gear, etc) ALL - THE - TIME

    - (too) Casual wear at formal dinners, ceremonies, etc

  • Leggings as pants. Leggings are not pants, if they were they would be called pants.

    High heels with flare jeans.

    Jean jackets with jeans.

    Uggs and nike shorts.

    Sagging pants.

    Dresses over jeans.

    "Vagina" skirts as I like to call them with high heels.. This is Laramie, Wyoming. Who are you trying to impress?

    Socks and sandals...


    High water pants.

    I could go on, but you get the point...

  • wearing sports bras to dance class... these girls are just sick! There's like 3 guys in the class, and they aren't working out SO much that they have to take off all their clothes... They wouldn't sweat to death if they put a shirt on.

  • Would love to know what you look like haha. I'm sure you make faux pas' yourself...

  • I can't stand people who basically wear PJ's out in public... slippers, sweat pants, hoodies...

  • Fur.

    It is cruel and ugly.

    • It looks gorgeous, admit it. I'm against it too, but let's be honest here!

  • ugg boots, sagging pants, thongs showing over the pants, disco pants (everyone looks fatter in them), bling-blings on guys, socks&open-toed footwear, bright pink lipstick, basically everything Nicki Minaj wears.

  • When a really fat girl with tree trunk legs wears tights and a short skirt. One walked past the other day, I literally threw up on the spot.

  • socks with sandals

    too much cleavage/butt crack

    guys wearing really tight and short t shirts

    over tanned to the point the person looked like they rolled in doritos

    wearing animal prints from head to toe

    pajamas outside the house


    stripper shoes at work

    leggings/yoga pants worn as regular pants

    girls/women wearing tacky message tees

    fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails

    tattooed eyebrows

    and more...

  • I agree with your list except for the tall women wearing heels. When I wear heels I'm 6'1 but I like them :)

    • I'd say you are at the upper limit for wearing heels. I mean, yur legs look long enough, don't they? theat's hte main purpose of heels, to make the legs look longer.

    • Heels make your legs look better too, and butt. They don't just make them look longer. I'm only 5'8" and I have a 34" inseam, which means, REALLY long legs. Does that mean I shouldn't wear heels? Nooo, it doesn't :-)

    • That irritates me a bit because what you are both saying is that because I was unable to control my height, I have to wear boring flats all my life. Heel are fun and they look good, not necessarily to make your legs look longer but to accessorize an outfit. The only guys that don't like tall girls in heels are the short ones so I guess so must be short.

  • too short shorts that show the butt

    too tight clothings

  • socks in sandals

    guys in leathar sandals

    flip flops outside the beach

    one print on pants/skirt and another on shirt

    and clothes that doesn't fit the body its on

  • defintely agree with the sagging pants, but also ugg boots, flip flops when there's snow on the ground (I just don't get it)

  • Pretty much everything I've read here...the only thing I'd add would be guys over thirty wearing jerseys or billabong shirts, etc.

  • Socks with sandals

    Spandex, on anyone of any size

    Tube tops, on anyone of any size

    Those are the 3 that came to mind first.


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  • I don't see any issue with 6' women in tall heels. In fact its a standards fashion model look :p

    Sagging jeans is not to my taste, but is clearly the 'correct' way to wear some types of jean.

    I don't think you can look at what is considered normal within some subculture and declare it a 'faux pas' when it's clearly what is 'faux' in that group. Now sagging your suit pants is a faux pas (and to some extent, I've seen this). But I might say that wearing baggy mid rise jeans pulled all the way up is ALSO a faux pas.

    I'll focus on faux pas regarding business dress within the context of business dress:

    - buttoning top collar button when not wearing a tie

    - buttoning all suit or jacket buttons unless its a particularly avante garde jacket designed to be worn that way (if you don't know that yours is, its not).

    - generally rubber soled shoes with a suit, I'll forgive if its because of specific weather conditions. But they need to be dress shoes, not black 'hybrid' shoes.

    - hats indoors for men

    - white socks with dress clothing

    - absurdly ill fitting collars.

    I'll think of more offences I'm sure. While its a speaking faux pas not a dressing faux pas, referring to a shirt as a 'button down' when its just a damn shirt drives me nuts. The reason the phrase 'button down' exists is as a short form for 'button down collar'. As opposed to a standard collar. A shirt with buttons is just called a 'shirt'. That short sleeve thing with no buttons is a t-shirt. Calling it a 'button up' or 'button down' suggests that buttons are some sort of exotic thing in your world. Which is probably not the impression you want to give.

  • Girls:

    -Getting baked at a tanning salon, then bleaching your hair. ("I hear in Cosmo that guys like tan girls, and they like blondes, so I just decided to do both! *teee heee*")

    -Okay Tanning Salon in general. But some people have their reasons.

    -Wearing plain ol' shirts that say "abercrmombie". Paying 10x the price for a t-shirt with a popular name screams "gullible" to me.

    (Shoot. I think I'm guilty of that last one... I didn't buy it new, I swear!)

    -Like, I'm not one to judge, but there seems to be a common theme these days: Duck Face, peace signs, looking unintelligent, and trying to mimic Snooki or Manaj as closely as possible. I mean, girls should dress how they choose, but this trend is obviously not about attracting men.

    -Fake Geeks/Gamers. It's cool that "geek chic" is in. Guys dream of girls who are *actually* interested in topics many girls see as uninteresting or "childish". But faking it doesn't cut it. You gotta be a real Trekkie or Whovian, or something will smell fishy. It feels more like being mocked or patronized to me.


    -I would say Skinny Jeans, but I don't mind them. I mean girls can wear whatever guys wear, might as well have at least one article of clothing that goes the other way. (Okay, two. Let's bring back kilts, and/or popularize men's skirts.)

    -Fake Hipster glasses. My eyes got screwed up from reading, music, programming, and electronics. Glasses were faux pas for years. Now that we're in the spotlight, you don't get to take it. Capisci?

    -Everything/anything to do with prisons, gangs, etc. I don't know what happened in the 80's/90's when prisons and gangs became glamorous. Listen to "ganger's paradise". Coolio was not happy with this trend. It's more than a style problem. It's a social problem.

    I read about issues in south London. link Girls wanted to be able to "brag" about their boyfriends' prison sentences for "bold" stuff like murder and violence, rather than "neeks" who weren't willing to kill. Intimate partner violence quickly rose. I wonder why.

    But that's enough of my lecture. You guys know: I ALWAYS have a rant to spew.

  • Girls:

    High waisted jeans

    Tall highheals

    Hipster/granny clothes

    this: link


    Sag jeans

    Super baggy clothes

    Jeans tucked into boots

    High tops shoes

    Hipster/granny clothes

  • *grabs the popcorn* this should be amusing...

  • Baggy jeans, being fat and wearing tight stuff and heavy eye make-up