This guy is he really interested in me or just flurting?

I will not have a relationship with this person no matter what the relationship is. This guy is a boyfriend to a distance friend of mine. He is from another country Jamaica and he has made passes at me many times the last time he notice my shoe lace was untied and said to put my shoe on a chair so he can tie it I did he made me feel like special but yet weird , then he fixed my collar on my blouse for me. Always watching me, he whispered in my ear that I look very nice today. I was dressed up in blouse/skirt/ heals we were at a party. Help need answers.


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  • He sounds pretty interested. But you can definitely tell more just by looking at how he treats other girls. If it doesn't seem like he's treating you in a very special way, then he's probably just flirting. But if you're the only one he ever acts like that around, it sounds like a little more and that he's really interested in you. It won't make any difference if you don't want a relationship with him, though. If you've made that clear, then he's obviously really interested and determined, but he'll back down eventually when he realizes that he's getting nowhere. If you haven't made it clear, though, and you don't want him to act like that, you should respond in a way that shows that (maybe by not responding at all, even).

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