Why is she starting to look at me after rejection?

I asked her out in late in December. I don't know her

So decided to move on, didn't care. But suddenly she behave like this.

Im not desperete,i will not make a move, just want to know why she behave like this!

That girl someway seeks eye contact,. in februari

*When I'm looking at her she looks away.

* She gazes at me sometimes when I'm not looking

* I caught her looking at me when I talked to a girl, then she pretended she looked at something else.

* SHe is looking at me more casual way.

* When we are like 2 meters from each other she looks at something else

*Her best friend is cheering at me problalby behind her back

Answer theese to.

When me and my friends are walking, she is alway noticing me first.?!

Some days she won't even looking at me

She is not Starring at me all the time, Among people it happen sometimes she looks at me!

Or does she seek attention only


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  • I think that girl doesn't want the both of you to go out because she wants things the way it is now.

    • How do you mean? (im bad in English :/)

    • It means that maybe the girl rejected you because she wants you two to be friends for now. Or it maybe a test of you not giving up on her to show that you truly care about her.

  • A lot of women need validation from men to feel good about themselves. That you were able to walk away from her with no problem, was a blow to her ego. Even though she doesn't want to go out with you, she still wants you to pursue her. Women do this sort of thing all the time, and end up stringing guys along, sometimes for years. You did the right thing by walking away.