I know he might like me, but I'm still confused?

Ok there's this guy named Austin that's go to my church, I haven't really talked to him but I like him a lot and I think he likes me. This all started last November but he hasn't really noticed me until the beginning of this year. I was talking to his friend that day when he started staring at me. Ever since then he's been staring at me alot. He plays in this band for the praise&worship team (which I'm on.) He'll like stare at me for long periods at a time without smiling until I look away. He does that every week which creeps me out lol. No matter where I'm at he's staring at me. Whenever he's talking or laughing with his friends he'll glance at me out of the corner of his eye. This happened twice but I was walking real slow and he was waiting for me by the door. I went through and I swear he put his hand on my back. A couple of weeks ago I went to say hi to him and I barely gotta word out because he said "Hey! What's up?" He smiled and hugged me so hard OK. I haven't really said hi to him since. But what confuses me is some days he'll stare at me without smiling or looking way and other days when I look at him he'll look away real fast. The other day he was staring at me without looking away which really creeps me out. The other day he was standing real close to me, like shoulder to shoulder. I've tried talking to him but we can never hold a conversation, it's like whenever I talk to him I get self conscious. Or he can never talk to me or look me in the eye. I'm about 70% sure he likes me, but I'm still not sure about it. I was trying to tell him I liked him the other week but he had to leave.


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  • Yes, he does like you a lot.

    Have some conversation with him, and try to spend more time outside the church.

    Also, smile at him a lot and wave when you see him.


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