Why is he mad at me all of a sudden?

So, this guy and I used to joke around a lot, then laugh and look at each other. I don't like this guy and he has a girlfriend before I even knew him. So, a few days ago, he got really mad at me and told me to stop staring at him, I wasn't even staring at him lol; unless he's staring at me. He gives me nasty looks with his eyes anytime he looks at me and says something slick. So, we don't joke around anymore and laugh together like we used too. Why? I'm worried because I don't think we are gonna be friends again, for no reason unless he has one. Yes, he still has an gf.

oh..yeah he started to get mad at me, when he said I was staring at him, then he yelled at me. Fyi..I wasn't even staring.


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  • Some people just turn on people for no good reason it could have something to do with the fact he has a girlfriend or he could be into drugs that can make people turn all the sudden it's not your problem it's his best to not worry about him if he's like that.