Girls, what type of jeans do you like on guys? (brand, wash, style, etc)

and what do you like to see guys wear with jeans? (tshirt, blazer, button down, polo, basketball shoes, flip flops, etc)


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  • Most brands are fine like Express, aeropostale, AF, AE, Guess. I like slim fit (not skinny) / boot-cut. Medium dark to dark. Dress shoes or darker colored sneakers and t-shirt.

  • I have no preference really as long as they're not skinny jeans.

    My favorite combo is a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops or a button-down, jeans and dress shoes.

    • plain or graphic t shirt? and plain button downs or ones with stripes or gingham pattern etc/?

      what type of dress shoes?

    • Any type of tshirt or button-down...whatever the guy likes. And for shoes, anything from this: link to this: link

      Again, whatever the guy likes, really.

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