What do people think of your personal style and how those it affect your mood when people try control you?

People what do you think of what my latest style is like , the way I dress and of course the music?

I'd say the style of music production I do its LIKE "talky rap" sort like bizarre of D12 raps like or Taylor the greater link

what do people think of your personal style and how those it affect your mood when people try to control your style of dress or in a social clique or group ?

its like this with my style and how far I have come I can't turn back for anyone , I'm going for my Carrier goals no matter how painful it is to the haters to watch me achieve... the haters rather have me at a lower paying passions so they could yell at me at work and act like they better then me.


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  • I'm a well-dressed man. Girls like it. I don't ask how guys feel about it.

    • you have to be able to afford to be well dressed and to keep up with styles and trend's.As shallow as it might sound girl never like me in my town because I didn't have latest style.

    • Don't worry about the latest fashion. Know what works for you and your body type. Really, if too many people are wearing something it makes me not want to wear it. Set the trends, don't follow them.

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  • I don't follow trends... if anything I stay ahead of trends or behind it lol. I dress in many different styles though. Not according to my mood, but according to what clean clothes I have lying around :P I guesss my most recent style has been "punk", but the next day I'll wear something similar to what Philapenn is wearing in his profile pic. No offense to the dude that dresses well lol

    I don't have a continous social group and anyone that has made rude comments on how I dress, I just tell them to shove it.

  • People sometimes get p***ed off at what I'm wearing. But it's not like I'm wearing pajamas in public, or look like a slut. I just have a weird fashion sense.


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  • my style is my own, I want to feel good about

    myself, others opinions comes after that ^.~

    if people try to control me or convince me of

    something, I'll gladly listen, I love a good discussion, but

    I hold true to my own beliefs, nobody can change how I feel ^.~

  • What do I think of your style? With the shaved head I would call your style: concentration camp chic.

    with the hat I would call your style: delusional wanna be chic.