Do guys give girls hints that they like them? Help?

One day (in December) I saw this guy staring at me with his mouth wide open- like a jaw drop. I know that he did it and I was not imagining things. I was wondering why he was looking at me that way though. We were at church when this happened. This past Sunday he decided to do the preaching and he was talking about weddings and beauty to the crowd of people- you know like your jaw just drops in awe of this person because they are so beautiful. (he was smiling when he said that and his eyebrows were raised- he was looking at the side I was sitting on when he said that). He even quoted Romeo. The part when he says " But soft what light through yonder window breaks it is the east and Juliet is the sun. Romeo said this when he was describing Juliet's beauty." I am wondering if there is some kind of connection. The fact that he was preaching was a surprise in itself...and then he talks about jaw dropping? I was in shock! O.O I thought that only happened in movies. I'm almost 3 years older than this guy. I'm super confused. Was he trying to tell me something without directly outing himself and telling everyone?


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  • Yes, for me, ill sneak glances at her, and probably be a little be nervous around her.


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