What is It about the way a girl looks that makes people think she's had many boyfriends?

What is it about a girl that leads people to think she has had many boyfriends before when in actual fact sh hasn't even had one.

Why do people associate a girl who cares about how she looks with her having had many boyfriends ? Would you say this is meant in a negative way like she looks promiscuous or like a"bad Girl. " and why is looking like you v many bfs associated with looking a bit older? Is this really ?a bad thing? Wearing makeup and doing your hair makes a girl lool older and more experienced with guys?


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  • That's not a bad thing.

    Always do your best to make yourself beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.

    Don't mind what others say. After all, you only have one life to live, one life to experience youthfulness and fun, and one life to live it all and go big.


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  • Well, if someone is attractive, people sometimes think they've had a lot of relationships simply because they *could* get people interested in them. I don't think it's an insult or anything, not usually anyway. Having a lot of boyfriends isn't the same as being a slut. Not in my mind, anyway.

    • She said she thought I was older because of this. I'm 24 and she said she thought I was 27 because of how I look and my demeanour and because of my hair, that I have a fringe and big hair and that makes me look older like how actresses do , that I take pride in how I look and want to show everyone. Then she asked if she could ask everyone else in our group what they think and she said she won't if I don't want her to as she doesn't wang to Barajas me but I sd its fine and they all thought I look younger

    • I'm not sure if she was trying to make me feel bad or something? Because when everyone disagreed with her she kept apologising