What do guys consider average, pretty, and beautiful to be?

What do you mean or what does a girl look like when you say she is average, pretty, or beautiful?


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  • Not sure if you just wanted guys to answer this, but here's how I see it -

    Average is just a girl that blends in. She can be any body type, have any kind of hair, whatever, it doesn't matter. The main thing is these sorts of people are usually very quiet and passive, so they aren't noticed for their personality, and they do not have any striking features that make them stand out for their looks. A girl can be average looking but still get attention because she has a fun personality. Usually, average people just try to fit in/are scared of standing out.

    I think of a lot of actresses would be considered pretty/sexy. I think a pretty girl has good physical features, but isn't "drop dead gorgeous" or doesn't have a certain quality that makes her stand out. This is just me, but I think a lot of the time a pretty girl is someone a guy could see himself sleeping with or bragging to his friends about upon first seeing her without having a desire to get to know her/seriously date her. In a way, I almost think pretty girls have it just as hard as average ones do--an average looking girl that stands out for personality is still interesting, while people might automatically assume a pretty girl is easy and doesn't have to be intelligent to get people to notice her.

    To me, I usually find models beautiful. I think a beautiful girl isn't necessarily sexy, she just has very striking features. Have you ever heard of the model Agyness Deyn? Many people I know find her very beautiful but not sexy. A girl who's beautiful just by physical appearance is rare, and they're the sort of people that compel you to get to know them just because of how in awe you are of the way they look. A girl with a great personality can become beautiful over time though, so if you hear someone say, "She is a really beautiful person," it's usually based on the kind of person they are, not only because of what they look like, if at all.

    Whew, that was long!


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  • I think average is a very blended into the crowd. Roses are very average looking when grouped together, they aren't anything special even when there's many dozens. As a flower they still aren't all that unique.

    I think pretty is where the features of the person overcome the cosmetic enhancements, so in other words less make up and more el naturale. It is more being comfortable in your own skin than expressing your comfortable in your own skin. I mean this more emotionally than physically.

    So I photograph models and I don't often call a girl beautiful. To me that is a state of being. You cannot put make up on, or wear a dress, or be born with "perfect" features and be beautiful. Beautiful is like what it may be like to see the sun set for the first time or just be in complete awe. Where you cannot describe someting, put words to something to which you have only first seen, and maybe even tremble in its presence?

  • honestly, being beautiful is not in any way related to looks. And beauty is interpreted differently by different people.

    When it comes to average or pretty, that's a different story. Being average means not standing out and being pretty means being a 'looker'. If you're beautiful, that means that you have personality. Someone can not be beautiful to everyone. No one is beautiful to anyone. But everyone is beautiful to someone.

    Being yourself is being beautiful.


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  • It means not fat or skinny gorgeous -fine

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