What steps can I take to open myself and gain that romantic experience?

2 days ago I found out that one of my friends was into since we met last year. I thought (think)that she is beautiful and I'll admit that I also fell for her towards the end of 2012. She has probably gotten over me, but looking back people always told me that she was giving me signs that I just wasn't believing. I'm also very inexperienced with girls, but don't look it. There was a good girl right in front of me and I couldn't pull the trigger. How do I move on especially since something like this could happen again. How do I stop feeling so awful about this? Also what steps can I take be able to open myself and gain that romantic experience?


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  • First you need to find out what the problem was. If your friends told you that she was giving you signs what made you not believe them? I'm asking because reason behind why you didn't believe them may be the main reason why you couldn't / didn't ask her out.

    • I guess it was because she is a girl in high demand and I didn't expect her to see me in that light. You're good at this :) I guess I just want to learn how to react in a situation like this

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