Why do I get the most attention when I look the worst?

I clean up good but today I'm not at my best

No makeup (I don't have flawless skin)

My hair looks ugly (need to visit a salon and tame these roots)

No jewelry because I woke up late and rushed

But guys seem to be overlooking that.why is it that when I look cuter and feel prettier I somehow get a little less attention.it's ironic.i'm happy either way you'd just think it'd be the opposite right


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  • It's for a reason.

    Women who wear a lot of make-up, designer clothes, leather boots, gucci purse, hair done, etc. put off a lot of guys.

    1. guys think girls like that are high maintanance.

    2. guys think girls like them are judgmental and will reject them

    3. guys like them will feel out of place if they aren't dressed up

    4. guys feel like more guys are going after her, so more competition

    5. guys feel women like that are superficial or plastic

    In some ways its insecurity, in other ways its just a fear of being rejected.

    These are just the first impression stereotypes. Plenty of times, I've met women all dressed up and within minutes I could tell that she is none of those bad qualities and deep down she's a really cool humble person.

    • I actually wished I looked more high maintenance,I admire girls like that. It's funny how guys like the opposite of how we wanna look lol

      Thanks for the thorough response

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  • Maybe it is because your natural beauty shines when you aren't wearing jewelry, etc.

    First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may not think you look good, but other people may think you look good.

    In my opinion, jewelry doesn't make women look better. In my opinion, jewelry just makes you a target for a robbery.

    p.s. Nobody can have flawless skin.

  • I prefer when a girl doesn't look like she spent hours getting ready. No makeup, little to no jewelry, hair just nice instead of overdone, etc. = Gorgeous. Can't stand all the face paint to be honest.

  • guys are intimidated when yo look nice when you look sh*tty theyll think you're more approachable and easier to get with...

  • Which girl is easier to maybe bang?

    A. Really pretty, well done, well put, well dressed girl

    B. She's alright, but more importantly, she looks like she lacks standards.

    I go for B every time


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  • Perhaps you look a lot better than you think when not done up. =)

    A lot of men dislike noticeable make-up and don't understand more fashionable clothes - whereas most of us women are conditioned to thinking of make-up tricks and trendy clothes as beauty essentials. It's not all about appearances, it can also be the connotations of certain looks. Perhaps in more relaxed attire men find you more approachable and presume you to be more down-to-earth.

    There probably is some weight to the idea that men might be more reluctant to approach a more put-together woman due to feeling intimidated, but it's my observation at least that actually men don't really notice/pay much attention to women they don't find attractive.

  • Already said, but a girl who's too hot won't be approached by that many guys because the guys think she's out of their league. Guys don't like to be rejected.